Organisational Growth

Over the years, we have worked consciously to build an effective and structured setup at Udyam. Our key objective is to transition Udyam into an organization with a sustainable model rather than operate as an individual-centric project.

We have already adopted or are planning to undertake the following measures to achieve long-term sustainability and growth:

    • • Registered itself as a Trust under the Indian Trust Act with a competent Board of Trustees
    • • Annual goal plan setting, monitoring and quarterly reporting to the Board as well as donors
    • • Recognised and registered as an approved organisation for volunteering with the Delhi School of Social Work (DSSW) of the University of Delhi, AIESEC, iVolunteer and Youth Reach
    • • Encourage past students who have completed schooling with assistance from Udyam to volunteer and support the currently enrolled students as staff teachers or mentors
    • • Increase visibility of Udyam amongst Corporates with CSR teams and employee volunteering programs to ensure regular funding and support
    • • Acquire permanent or long-term leased space for school premises and office
    • • Build a dedicated team of administrative staff to look after organisational matter
    • • Facilitate teacher training courses for the staff teachers and full time volunteers
    • • Develop structured curriculum and class plans

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